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Mrs Williams
Mrs Williams

“I saved £899 on a new combi boiler by comparing prices, great service that I would happily recommend to anyone to help them find cheap boiler prices.”

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Mr and Mrs Andrews

“Boiler Replacement UK have a great friendly team who helped me compare prices to replace my old boiler. I saved £650 by comparing cheap boiler prices!”

Mr Kennington
Mr Kennington

“This is an amazing service that I would recommend to all of my friends and family. I found a plumber in my local area that fitted my replacement boiler fast, efficiently and at a great price!”

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Mr Jones

“Thank you for helping me find a company to replace my boiler. The company you found me where professional, friendly and gave me a great deal!”

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We can help you save money on , compare prices online today and you could save yourself up to 75%!

Older boilers wear down as the years go on, they ever become more and more unreliable and with the ever growing cost of repairs many people are deciding to replace their boilers with a newer more efficient system that will last for years and years without any sort of breakdown.

Newer more modern boilers are known for their reliability and their high efficiency, lasting far longer periods of time without any sort of breakdown than older boilers. Older boilers are inefficient, unreliable and in some cases not safe with the risk of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide emissions leaking as the boilers get older.

New replacement boilers are far more environmentally friendly with efficiency rating up to 90%, compared to older boilers that have an average efficiency rating of around 50%. This is a big difference and many people do not think about how much money this could save them on their energy bills, offering you payback for the cost of replacing your boiler in just a few years.

Boiler Replacement

What are the boiler replacement options:

There are a few different options to choose from for people looking to replace their boilers. We have offered a short but informative explanation of your options below, with the pros and cons of each option. Everyone has different needs when it comes to replacing their boiler, and they also have different budgets. We offer to help find the right companies to provide you quotes with for your budget and your needs…

Boiler Replacement from local plumbing and heating companies:

Many local companies will specialize in providing replacement boilers in your local or even regional area. If you choose to get a price from one of these their will usually send an experienced boiler engineer to have a look at the system you have in place now and give you some information on what choice you have in terms of installing a new replacement boiler or heating system.

If you choose to go ahead with a smaller more local company they will go ahead and purchase a boiler on your behalf, and use their own engineers to install it into your home, they will then test and commission the boiler. Most often these companies have years of experience. You can compare trusted local companies by simply filling in the short form on this page.

There are several things you need to know before hiring any sort of boiler engineer to install your new replacement boiler or to even do simple work on your existing boiler. The first thing you need to know is that they are Gas Safe registered, you can ask them to supply evidence of this. You should also ask if they have any kind of experience working on the specific make or model of boiler you are looking to install. You should always try to make sure you get the best possible deal, this is why we have launced our great online boiler replacement price comparison service. If you would like to compare prices for boiler replacement then simply fill in the short form at the top of the page.

Boiler replacement from an energy supplier:

There are many large energy suppliers that will offer additional services such as boiler replacement, repair and installation. Most of these suppliers are household names such as British Gas, E.ON and nPower. The usually will send one of their trained engineers out to you to assess what system you have in place and then provide you with advice and a quote on what you are looking to get done.

When it comes to sourcing your new boiler the bigger companies do this is a similar way to the local companies, but one of the advantages of using one of the big energy suppliers is that you have big brand protection meaning they are very unlikely to go bust. Another advantage is that they can provide you with many additional after service things such as ongoing boiler cover. One of the major downfalls of the bigger companies is that 99% of the time they are going to be more expensive.


Below are just some of the key reasons why you should compare prices with Boiler Replacement UK…



You could be comparing replacement boiler prices in just three simple steps…


1. Fill in the form on this page, this should take around 20 seconds. We will ask you for your new replacement boiler requirements and some your name, contact details and the area you live in. We need these details so we can find prices from trusted suppliers and installers in your local area who install the type of boiler you are looking for.

2. We then find the 3 best installers local  to you to provide you with their best offer.

3. We supply you with the best three prices so you can compare prices and the companies that we have found for you. You have no obligation to purchase anything and our service is completely free!


Boiler Replacement

Boiler Type:

The type of boiler you choose should be decided on what fuel you are looking to use, what type of property you live in and how many people live in the property. We recommend that you get advise from one of our experienced boiler installers about what solutions will work well for you. There are thousands of different boiler type options available today, with solutions for everyone’s needs.

Boiler Efficiency:

If you have a gas boiler installed into your home, your boiler will account for about 60% of your properties yearly C02 emissions. If you are a UK resident you will know that energy bills are growing every year, making the price of heating their homes becoming very expensive. Because of this your boiler efficiency is a major priority if you are looking to cut your energy bills. Our suppliers and installers will advise you on what boiler will be most efficient for the property type you are living in, and offer you many different options to choose from no matter what your budget is.

Fuel Type:

Most domestic properties across the UK have gas central heating system that are equipped with a gas boiler. So gas is the most popular fuel choice, but there is an estimated 4.3m households that are not connected to the gas network. For people that are not connected to the gas network there is many alternatives for them to choose from, some of these options include electric, LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas), Oil, Wood, Coal, solar or geothermal. We have suppliers and installers all across the England, Scotland and Wales from you can compare prices for all types of fuel.


We only work with GAS SAFE (CORGI) register boiler installers. Once your have filled in the form on this site to compare prices, you will also be able to get advise from our suppliers and installers for free. If you have any questions or queries about anything to do with replacing your boiler they will be more than happy to help you.