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When you are looking to get a new boiler installed into your home, one of the main things that you will consider is the energy efficiency rating. Energy efficiency ratings have only over the last few years become a big factor in home improvements. The reason they have become such a huge issue when buying new products such as boilers is becuase the cost of heating a domestic property has risen ridiculously over the last few years. This is why home owners all across the United Kingdom are deciding to install ‘A’ rated boilers. The boilers energy efficiency rating is these days done by the Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers or better known as SEDBUC. One day this body will be replaced by a new European standard. You can find a copy of the SEDBUC boiler efficiency range chart below…

Back in 2005 it was my law across the United Kingdom that when a new boiler was installed into a domestic property that it had to be an efficient type of boiler. This in simpler terms means that the government only wanted people in domestic properties to install boilers that have the highest efficiency’s possible. They also brought into place new planning regulations that now insist that where possible, bearing in mind the type of property, a boiler that is ‘A’ or ‘B’ SEDBUC rated.

All boiler and central heating manufactures these days abide to the energy efficient ruling across the United Kingdom and most of the big manufactures now only make high efficiency boilers. These high efficiency boilers will help you in the long run though, as they will certainly reduce you heating and energy bills, and in time your boiler should pay for its self from the money you save!